The War in Ukraine Stands to Make Norway a Lot of Money. That’s Making Some Norwegians Uncomfortable

Norwegians are accustomed to seeing their country as one of the good guys. As the world’s ninth-largest international development donor and home of the Nobel Peace Prize, it has built a reputation for humanitarianism that is integral to its national identity. But it is also one of the world’s main exporters of gas and oil, and as sanctions on Russia have reduced supply and driven pr…

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U.S. Labor Unions Are Having a Moment

U.S. organized labor is having a moment after decades of erosion in both influence and power, giving workers their best chance in recent memory to claw back lost ground.

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, unions are finding they suddenly have the upper hand—or at least, more solid footing—when it comes to negotiating wages and benefits, spurring a flurry of new picket lines…

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How Drag Culture Inspired Ursula

The face of Ursula—the villainous sea witch of The Little Mermaid infamy—might feel uniquely familiar to a child of the ‘70s—or the ‘80s, for that matter. The original character in the 1989 movie was inspired by the triple threat drag queen, actor, and singer Divine, a fact that was mere speculation at first, but has since been confirmed by those involved wi…

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What to Know About Nepo-Friends

There are plenty of ways to become famous online—from capitalizing off a segment on Dr. Phil to uploading makeup tutorials on YouTube to having enough TikTok dance videos go viral. But in many instances, achieving internet fame—and keeping it—is also about who you know. The latest viral figure suddenly getting multi-million dollar brand deals may just be a nepotism friend, or the…

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Why The U.K.’s Financial Mess Has Ignited Calls to Double Down on Climate Investing

Britain is still buzzing about how close the country came to a financial crisis in recent weeks. It may come as a surprise, though, that the episode has reignited calls for investment in climate change-fighting measures.

The saga began when Liz Truss assumed the role of British Prime Minister with a bold plan to curtail taxes for the wealthy. It quickly, and spectacularly, failed. The val…

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Where to Find Best Deals on Flights

Aspen Evans, a photographer based in Atlanta, has spent more money than she anticipated on the four flights she’s booked for the upcoming year. She’s noticed a big increase in the cost of airline tickets for flights around the U.S. when compared to her experience of booking travel in previous years.

“It’s ridiculous. Right now I can fly to different countries for …

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Why Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs

If April 2020 was the month of pink slips—as the rapid spread of COVID-19 resulted in the loss of 20.5 million jobs—then Fall 2021 is the dawn of their revenge.

A record-breaking 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August across an array of industries, according to a report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s the highest level since the …

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What Netflix’s Password Sharing Crackdown Means for You

Netflix, the streaming company that once tweeted “Love is sharing a password,” has begun cracking down on password sharing in the United States, as it looks to increase revenue in what has become a saturated streaming market.

The company has previously said that more than 100 million subscribers worldwide access Netflix through password sharing and revealed in April 2022 that…

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Surprising Oscar Nominees Who Never Won

While it’s an honor just to be nominated for an Academy Award, it’s a rare privilege to actually win one. Unfortunately, some of the most talented people in Hollywood will never get to experience the taste of Oscar victory. This list looks at the actors, directors, and one songwriter who have never won an Academy Award, though some have been in contention numerous times—and others surely …

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The Radical Joy of Rachel Cargle

The moment Rachel Cargle opens her Brooklyn apartment door, I see the signs of relaxed living. There is the time to greet me slowly on a Monday morning. There’s the letter board displaying not an overcrowded schedule or a grocery list but the affirming words “This Too Is the Living.” There is the sunshine streaming in from a balcony where salad greens hang from a pocket plant …

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