Oliver Spencer launches sustainability project called Repurpose

The men’s fashion retailer has launched a new initiative called Repurpose, claiming it as “one of the UK’s first ever 360 circularity solutions to extend the lifecycle of a fashion garment by up-cycling, reusing, or repurposing the garment and its constituent textiles”.The Repurpose project for end-of-life product management, incentivises its customers to recycle or sustainably dispose of their old Oliver Spencer garments in exchange for store credit. Depending on the condition of the garment and the materials it’s constructed from, its end-of-life evolution can play out in a several ways คำพูดจาก เว็บสล็อตใหม่ล่

Single-fibre garments are shredded and decoloured to create pulp that’s eventually spun into new yarn for the creation of new garments; for mixed-fibre garments the company has established a partnership with a social enterprise that also serves as an academic institution, allowing them to channeled into educational programmes where they can be upcycled or downcycled; and shoes and accessories are either downcycled into faux leather or fully recycled into new sole units while uppers undergo a similar process. Other materials such as plastics and metals are separated and find new life in various applications, from playgrounds to furniture.Spencer said: “We’ve always thought of ourselves as an environmentally-conscious brand but this latest project really helps us accelerate towards our sustainability goals.“We’re a comparatively small fashion brand, which in one sense is lucky because we’re not faced with hugely damaging economies of scale, but nevertheless, we felt like we needed to keep exploring initiatives that would reduce our environmental footprint.”To launch and promote the initiative, Oliver Spencer has partnered with environmental campaigning filmmaker and documentary producer Jack Harries. “We want to shout about this not to pat ourselves on the backs but to get the word out and encourage other brands to do the same,” added Spencer. “In fact, this is the first and last time you’ll hear me asking brands to copy us, but that is the goalคำพูดจาก สล็อตเว็บตรง. The more that get on board, the better, which is why we’ve recruited Jack to help us spread the word.”

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