Ice-T Reveals Wife Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Are Working on TV Show

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Ice-T is melting over his wife Coco Austin's new venture.

A decade after his E! series Ice Loves Coco wrapped up, the rapper exclusively told E! News that Coco is preparing a return to television—this time with their daughter Chanel, 7, in a series titled Coco Loves Chanel.

"It's about mothers and Coco's girlfriends that are mothers," the Law & Order: SVU star, who partnered with Sanofi to spread awareness about the flu vaccine, told E! News' Francesca Amikerคำพูดจาก Nhà Cái Casino Online. "It's a feel good show, like our other showคำพูดจาก Web Game Casino . And it's kind of all about the life of mothers in entertainment with their kids and how they connect and things they go through and stuff. But it's no nonsense, it's no ratchetness."

As for whether he'll make a cameo? Ice-T said maybe once in a while.

"I'm kinda in it, but I'm not the main focus like Ice Loves Coco was," the 65-year-old added. "It's more about Coco and Chanel."

photosIce-T and Daughter Chanel's Cutest Moments

And television is just the latest career move for Chanel, who is also interested in becoming either a YouTuber, a model or doctor when she grows up, according to Ice-T. However, out of all three options, Ice-T has a preference for the medical field.

"I'm like, 'Doctor, doctor, that's the one. Go with the doctor,'" he said. "I'm pushing her because show business and entertainment is the boulevard of broken dreams. It's so hard to be successful at this. I wouldn't ever push anybody down this lane, it's something you gotta want to do and you gotta love doing it. But you also have to have something to back it up to make money and survive while you go on this journey."

She might also follow in his footsteps as a musician as well.

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"She says she wants to sing too, but she doesn't quite yet have a singing voice," Ice-T joked. "It still sounds like a cartoon. But who knows, she might just Whitney Houston me one day. I'll never know, it might just open it."

As for Ice-T, his latest project actually combines both entertainment and the medical field. He lent his voice to narrate pharmaceutical company Sanofi's new campaign about the flu vaccine, which was inspired by a horror movie trailer. As the trailer teases, "A potential threat coming this fall? It's not a wolf or a vampire—it's the flu."

Indeed, looking after his health is something Ice-T has had in mind since Chanel's birth.

"When Coco was giving birth, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that baby was, 'You can't die. You can't die.' I've become more healthy, I've been more health conscious. I've been taking care of myself," he told E!. "And this is part of it, just taking care, preventive medicine."

Keep scrolling to see some of Ice-T's cutest photos alongside Coco and Chanel. 

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Ice-T Reveals Wife Coco Austin and Daughter Chanel Are Working on TV Show

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